Annemaria Yoga


To me, yoga is a deeply personal practice.

It's about honoring my body every day.

Yoga is about taking care of myself.

So I can take better care of the world around me.


Upcoming Workshops


Prenatal Partners Yoga workshop

This workshop is designed for mamas and their partners to learn valuable tools to ease labor, create a deeper connection to each other and prepare for the journey ahead. Perfect for all trimesters. No yoga experience needed!

Mama practice

Leave kids at home and invest in self care! These practices focus on common mama spots, we'll breathe and flow and end with restorative postures. Spend time with other amazing women and leave nourished to parent again. Ongoing dates!

Connected core for new mamas

This 6-Week Series is built for new mama bodies. The recovery of core function after birth begins with finding optimal alignment, good breathing, and a meaningful dialogue with our deep core muscle layers. The series includes video practices for daily at-home support.


Annemaria has been someone I have been learning yoga from since 2010. She's an incredible yoga teacher with a clear, compassionate and confident voice. She aims to challenge her students and I always walk away from her classes having tried something I've never done before. What becomes obvious in her hatha flow/vinyasa classes are her love for detailed anatomy, and her understanding of why it is that anyone would attempt to curl their head under their leg: it's more than just a work-out. She teaches with a smile on her face and it becomes infectious. Go take her class! Like, yesterday!"

~ Kellyn


"I have followed Annemaria to several studios to attend her classes. Her knowledge of post baby bodies and poses/adjustments to accommodate abdominal separation and other post natal issues make her one of the best instructors in the area for this type of yoga."




When I walk into class and Annemaria is teaching, it's like hitting a jackpot for me. Firstly, she is a warm, genuine person. Her mere presence is grounding, and she is always helpful if I have any questions. Add to that the knowledge and care she brings into the room, and I know I'm in for a treat. She has a magical voice that inspires me through challenging poses and calms on the yin side of things. I find myself smiling often, and after the class sometimes I've learned something about myself, and sometimes I've been so focused the time has flown by and I'm a little surprised it's over. Either way, I leave feeling invigorated and just plain good, ready to continue my day with a serene confidence.

~ Albert


"Annemaria's classes always have a sense of warmth and play as well as grace and elegance as she guides you through your yoga PRACTICE.  Her voice is resonant and guides you through your flow and her adjustments are subtle and significant and always given with a keen eye for you as an individual and helping your practice evolve!  My FAVORITE yoga teacher!

~ Anna