Connected Core, Jan 10-Feb 14, 2020

Connected Core, Jan 10-Feb 14, 2020

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You grew a baby and gave birth to it, be it vaginally or by cesarean birth.   You, and your body, are amazing!  However, bringing life into this world doesn’t come without a impact to the body.   If you notice that your core, and/or your pelvic floor, are different than before — perhaps you notice more bulge in the midline of your tummy, or more low back problems than before, or you have a harder time ‘holding it’ before making it to the bathroom — you very well may find this specialized core rehabilitation program to be an important aspect of your self-care.

Come join Annemaria Rajala, E-RYT 500 and other moms for a body-positive 6-week series built for new mama bodies. The recovery of core function after birth begins with finding optimal alignment, good breathing, and a meaningful dialogue with our deep core muscle layers. The practices will allow you to rebuild a strong foundation and empower you to move with awareness. During the series you will:

  • Meet for a weekly guided practice

  • Have short daily video practices for at-home support (and access to the material for 6 more months after series ends)

  • Learn how to strengthen your core layers in a progressive manner

  • Learn how your pelvic floor functions as a part of your deep core system and why kegels might not be a fix-all recipe for all mamas

  • Get practical advice on how to care for your body in your daily life with baby to aid in your recovery

  • Lots of patience, compassion, and loving kindness toward your body is encouraged and there is room to progress at your own individual pace

  • Have a network of new mamas to engage with and a community of support

  • Pre-crawling babies are welcome to weekly classes

Schedule and location:

Please note, the first week will meet for 2 hours, and the rest of the weeks will meet for 75 minutes.

Fri, Jan 10, 1-3pm (2h class)

Fri, Jan 17 - Feb 14, 1-2.15pm


PRICE: $165     

LOCATION: Then Comes Baby

3657 Grand Ave, Oakland CA 94610

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel your enrollment in the entire series, refund can be issued, minus a $25 processing fee if cancelled 14 or more days prior to the series beginning. If cancellation is within 14 days of the series beginning, or after it started, the class fee will not be refunded. If you need to miss an individual class, the class itself can not be scheduled for a "make-up," but the class materials/ videos for that day will be sent to you for your home practice.